About Us

Inspired by a group of High Wycombe residents who have started ‘Steve Baker Watch’ to hold their local MP to account, a group of Thanet residents have created ‘Craig Mackinlay Watch’ to monitor and fact check our local MP’s utterances on the subject of climate change.

Craig Mackinlay is the chairman of a shadowy group of Tory MPs that call themselves the Net Zero Scrutiny Group. This group is critical of the government’s Net Zero agenda claiming that it will exacerbate the cost of living crisis and disproportionately hit the poor. Strange that this group feigns consideration for the poor when its members have consistently voted against policies to increase support for the poor in Britain. The group draws on the climate-change-denial and climate-change-delay material promulgated by the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

Craig Mackinlay Watch will regularly fact check Craig’s output and make clear the glaring absurdities in his anti-climate-change rhetoric, allowing the public to make an informed choice at the ballot box. Our, and our childrens’ futures depend on it.

We are a cross-party group of concerned residents who support the conclusions of the 99.9% of scientists who believe that climate change is man-made, here now, and catastrophic for our future existence on this planet. The time for action is now, we have had more than 30 years to change our behaviours and our politicians have failed us. The last thing we need now is vested interests trying to delay or stop our rush to save human life on this planet.