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Craig supporting Liz Truss on the campaign trail

Apologies for the long delay since my last post. I've been busy, and the spectacle of the Conservative party self-immolating to pander to its increasingly right-wing membership has destroyed all confidence in democracy. But nonetheless, our local MP continues to amuse.

In his most recent comment piece he sees the extreme weather helping local tills in “ringing up record takings”. No comment at all on the alarming nature of this weather worldwide and the role he and his fellow climate-delayers play in damaging any attempts to reach our net-zero targets. What he does ask for is government to provide “a fairer settlement for coastal communities to account for this un-budgeted burden” in catering for our increasing tourist numbers. I.e. he wants more money from government.

However in the very next paragraph he berates those who want government help in supporting those suffering most in the current cost of living crisis, stating “All require ‘the government’ to do more which means taxpayers (the government has no cash), either now or in the future paying out for whatever scheme prevails.”

So, complete clarity here. He wants the government to stump up more cash for Thanet, but not if it's used to help the poorest among us survive the cataclysm that he and his government have brought down on them. It certainly gives the lie to his pretend concern for the poorest and disadvantaged in our society. In that he's only amplifying the extreme views of his favoured leadership candidate Liz Truss. We are all doomed!

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  1. craigwatch says:

    Postscript: Not directly anything to do with CM, but sums up the whole attitude of this administration. The "fiscally responsible" Conservative government have given the green light to the payment of £17m to the Avanti West Coast railway company for “operational performance”, “customer experience” and “acting as a good and efficient operator”. This is the same Avanti West Coast that is the worst performing operator on the railway network, almost half of its services arriving late. In the past two years alone the firm received more than 50,000 complaints, the most of any operator and almost double that of the parallel east coast mainline operator, LNER. It also has has the lowest passenger satisfaction rating possible, and charges £369.40 for an open return from Manchester to London. Makes you wonder how bad you have to be to not get government plaudits. Oh, and by the way, Avanti West Coast is co-owned by the Italian state railway. Let's take back control of our country, oh yes.

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