Join us and hold Craig Mackinlay to account

Flood warning: This map shows how climate change is expected to turn Thanet into an island again, as the Wantsum river swells to become a channel. And scientists believe this is likely to happen within ten to 20 years. Source:

Public meeting

Craig Mackinlay Watch is a cross-party group of local people who want answers from Mr Mackinlay on who he is really representing: the fossil-fuel interests intent on stalling action on climate change? Or his constituents, who will likely experience the consequences of climate change at first hand?

We are holding our inaugural public meeting at Eats n Beats cafe, on The Broadway, at the northern end of Addington Street in Ramsgate, on Wednesday, June 22.

We're launching a campaign against Mr Mackinlay's disinformation. Join us and get involved.

Fossil fool

South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay is an outspoken supporter of the fossil-fuel industry. He supports renewed drilling for North Sea gas and oil. He supports fracking.

And he opposes the drive to promote renewables, such as wind and solar – most often using arguments which are, at least, misleading and, more typically, factually incorrect.

Though his Parliamentary voting record does not suggest a man that is worried about the poor, Mr Mackinlay uses their plight as the reason we should resist the transition away from fossil fuels, with the much discredited claim that the transition to renewables will lead to soaring energy bills.

Indeed, Mr Mackinlay is known for waxing lyrical on the enormous cost of net zero.

Silence on the science

However, the South Thanet MP is not so vocal on the costs of not tackling climate change – the greatest existential threat humanity has ever faced.

In fact, he's remained completely silent on one of the consequences of climate change – rising sea levels – and its likely impact it will have on his own constituents, and within the next ten to 15 years.

Does his pronouncements have anything to do with his connections with climate science denial? Or shadowy right-wing US think tanks?

Or his connections with Nigel Lawson's Global Warming Policy Foundation – now rebranded Net Zero Watch – which has long peddled discredited and debunked theories in its war against accepted climate science.

Is it anything to do with his leading role with the Net Zero Scrutiny Group, which itself promotes climate policies which are unsupported by the facts?

As concerned constituents from across the political spectrum, we want answers.

Join us on June 22.

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9 thoughts on “Join us and hold Craig Mackinlay to account

  1. William says:

    I already contribute modest amounts to the Wycombe group. Please post your bank details and I will contribute when I can.

    1. craigwatch says:

      Hi David
      Thank you, that's very generous. Please use our crowdfunder site, that way we can keep track of donations more easily.

      Many thanks
      Phil Shotton
      Craig Mackinlay Watch

  2. Marc C says:

    Keep up the good work. Under the current system this is the only way we can really hold such elected representatives to account.

  3. Tanya Tekyornickersov says:

    Climate change is happening and is very difficult if not impossible to stop all you can do is try and adapt. How can we make the most of it rather than scream panic and donate money to charities that scream panic a bit louder.

  4. Gerry Dickinson says:

    Craig Mackinlay Watch seems to have gone very quiet, in contrast to Steve Baker Watch which is very active in calling it's MP to represent their concerns about man made climate change

    1. craigwatch says:

      Hi Gerry. You are right, I've been very remiss recently. Illness and work pressures have conspired against me. Hope to have things moving soon

  5. Brian Clark says:

    I would like to become involved. I live in Ash

  6. Linda Smith says:

    I agree with every thing you say. Is there another meeting about him?

  7. Oriana Franco says:

    Read about you in the Guardian. It would be interesting to know where he and the same-thinkers from his NZSC invest their money. Vested interests and self serving seem the only explanations possible for continued denial of the climate and carbon based fuel impact. Is there a way to expose this and ultimatelt to block such people from any votes pertaining to their vested interest subjects?

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