Stupid or venal (or both)? You choose.

It's been a while since my last post for which I apologise. I have to say I'm getting a bit bored shooting fish in a barrel. Pretty much everything emanating from Craig (and the Conservative party in general) reads more like self-satire than sensible politics. The lunatics really are running the asylum.

Recently Craig has been outputting sewage like a Southern Water storm overflow and every time I'm spurred to write something off he goes again with some even more rediculous verbiage. He's clearly concerned about his future prospects and is digging into his old UKIP fundamental nastiness.

The Tory veneer has cracked, and he's gone, back to his gang, full-blown UKIP. Among his recent targets, the Ramsgate Arts Barge.

Support it or not, the Ramsgate Arts Barge has a noble aim, to bring the power of art to enrich those who have few enough things to encourage them. Funded entirely through the donations of supporters and charitable trusts, the blood, sweat and tears of a very small number of committed people are bringing the reality of a community focussed floating arts hub to Ramsgate.

But our local MP, who would be expected to support such endeavours, has nailed his disgusting colours to the mast. Claiming a waste of public funds (what? a small capital grant to provide PPE for our youngsters to experience the transformation of this vessel) he is excoriating in his ill-founded distaste for the project. What a myopic, ill-informed representative. Doomed to lose the next election he is depending on the ever-decreasing number of UKIP supporters to stifle a project that will make a positive difference to the Isle. Words that are printable fail to fully describe this waste of space excrescence we suffer as our MP.

If that wasn't enough, going from the local to the national focus he's also been fulminating about Sue Gray. The attempted trashing of her extremely solid reputation seems to be orchestrated from Conservative Central Office. Let's not forget this is the career civil servant who was praised by Boris Johnson, But now apparently (according to Craig) Keir Starmer and Sue Gray are in cahoots to stitch up the Conservatives. Craig claims "She is the woman who brought down Boris Johnson as premier and helped ensure our current PM, Rishi Sunak, received a police fine." Hang on a moment. Did she make Boris attend parties in Downing Street during lockdown, bring suitcases of booze into the premises, encourage partying in Downing Street gardens? I think Boris did a very good job of bringing himself down, and Sunak was complicit in the whole sordid affair.

It seems the main problem is that Sue Gray has chosen, a long time after her investigation into Partygate, to work for Labour rather than the Tories (as many other civil servants choose to do). Craig, you can't blame Sue Gray for Partygate, it was your own corrupt, lying, dishonourable colleagues in the Conservative party.

This government is dead. The sooner it is buried the better.

And to finish, I quote the Intro to Craig's Facebook page: "Kent born-and-bred. I'm fighting for a brighter future for our area. We need more jobs and investme". Is the last word a typo from an ignorant man, or a Freudian slip from someone who is only concerned with money for himself? You choose.

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