Asylum inmates lose support

On the day that Boris Johnson displayed the parlous state of his moral compass in his Select Committee appearance, another important vote in the House of Commons took place, the vote to back Rishi Sunak's Windsor Framework. The vote exposed the dwindling number of lunatics still clinging to the mast of the wreckage that is Brexit. And guess what. Craig Mackinlay remains firmly in the asylum.

Sunak said it best when he said that his bill ensured that Northern Island would enjoy the unique distinction of frictionless trading with both the rest of the UK and the whole of the EU - a treat denied the rest of us, and a significant reason why we, among all developed nations, have the poorest economic outlook. But to CM and his fellow inmates this must not be allowed on the grounds that the EU has some say in the trading relationship. Funny that they don't scream about the imposition of US or Australian rules on our farmers for agreeing a trading relationship with these countries.

You only have to look at the rest of the inmates to realise what a bunch of idiots they are. Upskirt supporter Sir Christopher Chope, Andrew Bridgen, cast out from the Conservative party for likening Covid vaccination to the Holocaust, ERG nutters like Mark Francois, the MP Jonathan Gullis who claimed (without foundation) that Gary Lineker called northern people racist bigots and Nazis. Liz Truss who, with her hench-person Kwasi Kwarteng, brought the economy to its knees and who's premiership was outlasted by a lettuce. Need I go on? Even Steve Baker, erstwhile ERG member and fellow traveller with Mackinlay's idiotic climate denialism group, support Sunak's compromise and likens Boris Johnson to a `pound shop Farage'.

And let's not forget the great man himself, Boris Johnson. Taken apart and hung out to dry by his own testimony to the Select Committee. He's demonstrated he's not only a serial liar (already proven many times over) but someone who doesn't even understand his own advice and rules (or, more likely, someone who things these things are below him and only apply to the common people), He may get away with a slap on the wrists, but his standing is ever more diminished. Not just yesterday's man but yesterday's bumbling idiot, huffing and puffing his lack of any attention to morality, decency or contrition. How dare he claim that the hard work at number 10 (!) justified boozy 'events' to say goodbye to colleagues when lesser mortals could not even say goodbye to their dying loved ones.

This is the company that Craig Mackinlay keeps. It's time to consign him and the rest of the asylum lunatics to the dustbin of history. Good riddance,

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