Net Zero Watch Report Damned

Renewable energy

A new report from the climate-change-sceptic Net Zero Watch claims that "renewables should be … eventually wound down".

The report, endorsed by Craig Mackinlay, claims that "consumer prices can only be reduced by lowering the cost of gas and increasing the efficiency of gas-fired power stations. Increasing use of renewables will undoubtedly raise prices further."

This is a remarkable claim given that renewables are now the cheapest form of electricity production, and have been reducing in price at around 10% per year for more than 10 years, while gas and oil have increased. Good luck with bringing gas prices down guys!

Green Party leader Caroline Lucas has called the Net Zero Watch report “an incoherent jumble of climate denialism, fake news and truth-twisting”. The IPCC recently called for “deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions”, warning of “a brief and rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a liveable and sustainable future for all”.

Mackinlay stated "Britain’s energy policy is clearly in a perilous state, and we need some bold solutions to get back on track. Affordability and reliability must be paramount. A gas-to-nuclear transition looks to me at present like our best shot to get our emissions down affordably.”

Well which government has presided over this energy policy, let me guess. Oh yes, the Conservatives. More than 10 years of ignoring their own, and their scientists' advice on renewables and energy conservation has got us to where we are today, and Craig proposes more of the same. You couldn't make it up. Meanwhile the planet burns.

In a world on fire, stop burning things.

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